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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 February, 2015.

    BABOLAT Aeropro Drive Play Tennis Racquet
    [Item #: B101231]

    Price:  166,500.00

    US Size:

    Thanks to Rafael Nadal, the Babolat AeroPro Drive Play has been one of the most popular racquets in the world for several years. The latest and greatest version still uses the AeroModular “wing” shaft design, which contiunes to make the AeroPro series one of the fastest frames around. Woofer grommets also make for increased ball pocketing and trampoline effect. The Cortex system still features the new Cortex Active “Expert” version which, along with a new handle design, better dampens “bad” vibrations while allowing the player to have maximum ball feel. A strong swingweight allows for maximum “plow through” from the baseline and uninhibited power. The AeroPro Drive is the perfect stick for power baseline players who want the most ball speed and spin they can get with maximum stability. An updated paint job will let your opponents know you’re using the latest in Babolat Aero technology. Power baseline players will continue to love the AeroPro Drive like they have for years. Now with that play modual, you too can be connected just like the king himself. Connectivity: The racquet syncs wirelessly to your smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android) via integrated Bluetooth. You pair it to your device like any Bluetooth head set and then open the app to sync your data. Use your PC or Mac (required) to upload the data via a mini USB found in the frame of the racquet. Pulse: This is a dynamic interface that reflects the power, technique and endurance portions of your game. The more you play, the more it changes. It will even email you if you haven’t played for awhile. This is a great visual representation of the balance of your game. Analyze: This is where you log your training sessions and view the detailed info. You specify the conditions of the session and then save it. The program breaks down your shots (forehands, backhands, smashes and serves). You can view the power of each along with your percentage of spin and flat shots on each. An impact locator breaks down where on the string bed you are making contact for each stroke. Evolution: This tool allows you to compare your saved sessions. This is where you can track the progress of specific shots and technique changes. This section provides a wealth of historical data from all of your logged sessions, making it easy to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as track progress with specific training goals. Skills: This section starts to incorporate video game aspects. The more variety you use in your game, you will unlock new levels and rankings. Become a diverse player and implement a variety of shots into your game. Community: This is where you can compare your data to the rest of the Play community. See how you stack up on the global leader boards or go head to head with a friend. Get motivated to improve and move your way up to the top of the community. Note: This racquet comes with a cover